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Russia is our area

Last Updated on 25 July 2011 | Written by Administrator


The russian market now is
increasing and the need in
goods and services is observed in all its
With the acceptance of new laws, which in details regulate
the activity of the foreign companies in Russia, the russian market becomes most
favourable for the foreign companies entrance, for opening of representatives,
affiliates creation.

As the russian market is a young
the legal and economical system in Russia now is emerging so
necessary amendments will be accepted. As a matter of fact the legal system in
Russia and Europe is rather different, therefore for the successful activity in
the RF territory it is important for the company to be legally and economically


The best way is to cooperate with professional
, who can assist in choosing the most suitable
organizational form for the registration of your company, optimal system of
taxation and other questions, concerning your activity on the Russian market. It
is important to point out that the western companies come to the young russian
market, and the number of experts are limited. First of all it concerns
marketing, financing, and different kinds of researchers. So the right step is
to have well–experienced western staff in a combination with russian
professionals. To make your positions stronger on the russian market it`s
necessary to have russian partners, experts in it`s sphere, which know the
specificity of the russian market and also good informed about the current
situation in it.

In case of disputes with contractors, we are ready to provide you with
professional assistance to resolve the conflict and represent your interests in
Swedish court, or the Institute of Arbitration of the
Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm.

Our knowledge of the russian market, contacts

and professional working experience in Russia
give us the right to say:
"You can trust us".