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Protect your business interests

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When making an entry on a new market, you would like to reduce your risk to minimum. Here follows some advice when doing business in Sweden. Sweden has a good and functioning system for credit checks of companies as well as private persons. It is also easy to find out the legal owner to real estates. This put together makes it safe and fairly predictable to do business in Sweden. One additional advantage for businessmen is that profit from sale of Daughter Company in Sweden is tax-free.

Good to know is that the Swedish legislation, in contradiction the Russian legislation, gives oral contracts legal binding force. The existence of an oral contract is however difficult to prove, therefore most business contracts are performed in writing. Letter of credit is the method of payment that we recommend for export transactions.

Finally should be mentioned that it is essential to have a comprehensive insurance for your company. EKATERINA LAW CONSULTING gives you and your company all the professional support and guidance when establishing your business in Sweden.

We hope that you find the information above useful and we wish you success and luck when doing business in Sweden.

For more information please contact EKATERINA LAW CONSULTING AB