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Employment of foreign staff in Sweden

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This section clarifies the situation with business visa and work permit for foreign staff that would like to work in Sweden.

Business visa
Each individual, resident of a country outside of the EU, which plans to travel to Sweden, shall apply for a visa. The application is to be handed in to the
Swedish Embassy in Moscow, the consulate in Sankt Petersburg or the consulate in Kaliningrad. The following document shall be attached by Russian citizens that want to travel to Sweden in business: A written request from a host acting as legal person, passport, medical travel insurance, two newly taken color photographs and application fee.

Work permit
Individual that want to work in Sweden must have a work permit; the permit is to be introduced in the passport before entry into Sweden. If the period of employment is shorter than three months, visa and work permit are required. If the period of employment is for a longer period than three months, residence permit and work permit are required. Working for your own company requires no work permit, although visa and residence permit.

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