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Hur gör man affärer i Sverige

The Swedish Tax System

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The Swedish tax system is extensive and complex, therefore consultation by a professional is strongly to recommend. In some cases a penalty
fee is charged for late or incorrectly paid taxes by the Swedish Tax Agency.
EKATERINA LAW CONSULTING can assist with qualified consulting and offers professional legal advice.

Bellow follows a summary of the most important taxes in Sweden:

Swedish Income Tax for individual
Each individual makes a yearly tax declaration to the Swedish Tax Agency. Taxes are to be paid for income as employee as well as for income as business owner.

Swedish Corporate Tax
Corporate tax in Sweden is 26.3 %. The tax is calculated from the business profit (difference between income and costs) and is proportional. A
joint-stock company may deduct all costs they have to acquire and maintain income. The joint-stock company can pair up the results in different activities
within the company; no division between activities is made within the same joint-stock company.

Value Added Tax (VAT)
The basic tax rate for VAT in Sweden is 25 %, some goods have a lower tax rate. The VAT is to some extent harmonized within the EU. The European Single Market for goods creates a free movement of goods and services. Establishing a business in Sweden opens for business opportunities in the whole EU area.

Unified social tax (payroll Taxes)
Unified social tax is to be paid by the employer according to Swedish law. The basic tax rate is 32 %. The tax rate is 15.5 % for employment of person under 26 years old.


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